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CATI CAWI CAPI survey methodologies

CATI Software

CATI Survey Methodology

It’s the acronym of Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing and it’s the telephone data collection. According to research dimensions, CATI methodology requires one or more telephone operators. The standard is a call center of 20-50 interviewers but it’s quite frequent to find even smaller reality.

CAWI Software

CAWI Survey Methodology

Acronym of Computer Assisted Web Interviewing, it’s the web data collection. The respondent autonomously answers the interview on his computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device with a browser. Low costs make CAWI methodology extremely advantageous but not always the best choice.

CAPI Survey Methodology

Acronym of Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, it’s the face-to-face data collection. An interviewer administers the questionnaire to the respondent and marks down answers on his smartphone, tablet or pc. Data are then synchronized with the server and they will be available for the analysis.